Thank you, thank you, thank you!

28-Sep-2018 | Guatemala

An event took place on board Logos Hope, aiming to thank the port authorities for their work and help while the ship was staying in port. The crewmembers and leadership wanted to express their gratitude for the port authorities’ cooperation and help, to build on the strong positive relationship with them.

People who worked in different departments in relation to the port came to the event, forming the audience Logos Hope’s leaders honoured. As Captain Jon Helmsdale (Faroe Islands), the vessel’s master, was giving the first speech, he shared his thankfulness for the way the port authorities had been making efforts to make their collaboration work.

As a group of new crewmembers were getting ready to join the ship, a venue was needed for their pre-ship training. “We got permission to use many facilities for our trainings. Thank you for making this possible,” Captain Jon said.

Randy Grebe (USA), one of the senior leaders, asked the audience a question: “What is the best way to say thank you?” Smiling, he exclaimed, “Thank you, thank you, thank you” in Spanish, and explained that this was the best way he could express his gratitude when a simple ‘thank you’ wasn’t enough.

“I want to say thank you but we also want to bring hope. I had the opportunity to go to one of the volcano shelters, and I want to congratulate your government for what they are doing and for contributing to bringing hope there,” Randy continued. “I believe that we are called to bring hope to people, and I want to encourage you to also become people who bring hope to others. If you are connected to a civic group or a church, go as a team and take hope to people in those shelters.”

While ending the event, Pavel Martinez (Mexico) explained that he visited over 25 countries with Logos Hope and confessed, “I’ve never felt at home like I did here in Guatemala.” He expressed on behalf of all crewmembers how special Guatemala had been to them and how thankful they were to those whose collaboration they had valued and appreciated during this port visit.

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