We want to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached.
Established in 1957 by visionary, George Verwer, OM is a dynamic, international Christian missions movement. In the OM family of ministries, we have 5,000 workers representing over 113 nations in more than 110 countries and in world port communities, through our ship, Logos Hope.

We are a global community of Jesus followers united to share the love of Jesus with those that don't know it.

What do we mean by least reached?

When we speak of the least reached, we (OM) refer to a people and community among whom:
a) there has been no gospel engagement. No one is living, proclaiming and demonstrating the gospel among them, nor has there been a positive response to God’s grace in all its truth; or

b) there has been gospel engagement, but no gospel-centred and gospel-proclaiming community of Jesus followers is present; or
c) there is a community of Jesus followers living, proclaiming and demonstrating the gospel but, due to geographical distance, cultural barriers or linguistic obstacles, access to it is significantly limited for the vast majority of that people or community.

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