Partnering in mission with Operation Mobilisation and bringing good news to the least reached

Today OM is working in over 110 countries around the world. Our work varies from country to country both in size and in application, and our mission is to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers amongst the least reached

How does a partnership start?
We are excited to explore how a partnership with OM will help fulfill your church's mission vision, and like most partnerships it starts with talking! We like to talk with representatives of the church (this could be the Pastor, Mission Secretary or others) to listen to how God is leading them. It may be that they feel led to be involved in a particular country or a particular aspect of the work. Maybe they want to send a short-term mission team or support a full time worker with OM. We will then try to link them with a ministry or project which helps them fulfill their vision. Sometimes to help with this we will arrange a Vision Trip which allows representatives from the church to see the ministry and discern how God is leading them. A member of the Partner Development Team will work with the church through this process.

How can your church get involved?
  • Invite a Presentation Team Open or Close

    Invite a Presentation Team (PT) or Speaker to your church – there is nothing like being inspired by people of different ages, backgrounds and nationalities who have lived and worked with OM in some of the most challenging places in the world. Each OM team member has a powerful story of how God is using their different talents, gifts and passions as His tools to transform lives and communities among the least reached.

  • Prayer Open or Close

    Prayer is the heartbeat of mission. As well as praying for OM in your regular prayer meetings, we recommend holding special prayer times for OM, which could include an OM speaker. We can resource your church with our publications including our daily prayer guide, Heartbeat.

  • Vision Trips Open or Close

    Vision Trips help church leaders to grasp first-hand how God is working through the ministry of OM. Trips can be tailored to best suit your requirements, whether you wish to reach specifically Muslim peoples, or those in the nations of Africa, Latin America (Ships) or Europe.

  • A Twinning Partnership Open or Close

    A twinning partnership between your church and an OM ministry anywhere in the world is a great way to help the ministry grow in its impact and fruitfulness. Teams from your church can visit and serve with these projects throughout the course of the partnership. Regular reports and feedback from these projects help to fuel focused intercession for God’s work.

  • Sending Longer-term Workers Open or Close

    Sending longer-term workers allows your church to be involved in OM’s global ministries. Going with OM longer-term provides OM teams sustainability in their work alongside the local church. In some areas, providing professional skills will boost ministry efforts.

    Visit to search current vacancies and opportunities.

  • Emergency Response Open or Close

    If there’s a natural or man-made disaster where OM has a field ministry, we will often launch an ‘Emergency Mercy Appeal’. We can help to facilitate a response from your church and ensure funds are transferred securely and then monitored and evaluated.

  • Short-term Outreaches Open or Close

    Short-Term Outreaches provide opportunities throughout the year for individuals and groups to join with OM teams and share in making Christ’s love known by word or action. Each participant is part of an international team led by our long-term workers in the host country. This is a unique opportunity to enjoy fellowship with Christians from around the world, as a fresh expression of the global dimension of the Church. Options can vary between one week and six months.

    Visit to search by date, location or ministry type.

  • Training Events Open or Close

    We can help your church host events, workshops and seminars to develop people’s understanding of sharing their faith with their Muslim neighbours. For example, OM has a dynamic, exciting full-day conference entitled, ‘Muslims – A Christian Response’ where experienced workers among Muslims come and share knowledge and practical ideas for reaching out to these neighbours.

  • OM TeenStreet Open or Close

    OM TeenStreet gives young people from across Europe the chance to participate in a dynamic week of worship, discipleship, Bible study, prayer, art, practical evangelism, seminars, sports and fun. Our youth specific events are designed to help your church to motivate, equip and walk alongside young people – helping them have a real friendship with Jesus and reflect Him in their daily lives.

Partner your church with OM, start the conversation today. Please call 01691 776748 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How is the partnership maintained?

A Partner Development Manager will take responsibility for the relationship and help to agree how the partnership will be developed. They will provide the main point of contact between the church leadership and OM and be in regular contact.
After agreeing areas of partnership we will submit a proposal showing how the church can be involved with OM and how we can serve the church.
For example by providing regular updates on the project or ministry.

As the partnership develops we will continue to identify ways to build stronger links between OM and the church. If they are supporting a project or ministry we can arrange for a team to visit the field and experience for themselves what God is doing there. It is also often possible to have visits from leaders on the field and have them update the church personally on the work.

The benefits of partnership
Partnerships like this are hugely beneficial for both the field and the church. Each partnership is unique and gives both partners the opportunity to share their resources and use their gifts to help others.
The field is supported through the church’s prayer and intercession, finance and visits to the field.
The church will see a growing awareness of God’s kingdom and an increased focus on prayer and giving and a sense of deeper connection with the ministry or project that is being supported.

"Seeing God at work in another culture and context often serves to enlarge our vision of God and can inspire people for mission here at home."

Through partnership the UK Church is often able to mobilise the whole church in mission through prayer, giving and going. Seeing God at work in another culture and context often serves to enlarge our vision of God and can inspire people for mission here at home. The experience of mission can have significant impact in someone’s faith life, helping them mature and grow. In some cases short term trips can even lead to people hearing God’s call for long term service.