Please be aware that joining one of these outreaches will depend on the current UK government guidelines and that of Serbia as well as the travel restrictions at the time of departure.

The purpose is to serve the refugees and show the love of Jesus, through provision of a space where they can come and hang out, drink tea or coffee together or play table tennis and play other games.

Located on a highway near the border of Croatia, OM is providing help for the refugees in the One Stop Center "Adaševci" with their ‘Tea Tent’ and the camp laundry. You will be involved in providing drinks in the OM tea tent, keeping the tent area clean, working in the camp laundry, socialising with refugees, and sharing Christ’s love with them while respecting the rules of the camp. 

Previously, the camp was a mix of families and singles. Currently, the camp residents are mainly single guys, with the occasional women coming through. Both men and women are welcome to come and serve - you will not be alone in the camp.

Dates (from 25th June 2021) 1 week, 1 month or 2 months arriving and departing on a Tuesday from 25th June 2021.

Apply by

6 weeks prior to outreach


£200 for 1 week option

Costs exclude travel to and from outreach, any possible vaccinations, insurance & meals.

Ages   18+
Suitable for single people welcomemarried couples welcomesorry, no familiesgroups welcome

Participant Profile

Should be flexible, have the ability to work in teams, easily adaptable to new circumstances, heart to serve and work among Muslims, and is able to work under the authority of the local OM team and government officials in the camp. It is a must that you understand and speak English. If you doubt your capability to communicate in English or are unsure, please ask your home office for more information. Languages present among the refugees are: Farsi, Pashto, Arabic, Urdu and Kurdish. 


Accommodation fees are included in the fees that are paid to the team coordinator and she will settle the bill with the place you stay. Do not expect to have a single room. 


We do not provide meals, self-catering is around 6-8€ a day, which is extra to the weekly fee paid. 


If arriving in Belgrade by plane we advise you to book your arrival time before noon so that you can use public transport to get to Šid. If arrival in Belgrade is after 13:30 it is difficult to catch the last bus to Šid. For departure we recommend you book your ticket after 16:00, again so it will be possible to use public transport. If your flight arrives too late for public transport or leaves too early, we can arrange airport pick up and drop off. This will cost additional 20€ each way. 


If you have allergies or some medical history (depression, food disorder etc.) please make sure to point that out to the sending field BEFORE arranging your trip. The conditions at the camp are poor and diseases can spread easily. Make sure you have the basic hygiene and medical supplies with you that you need. 


British citizens do not require a visa to enter Serbia for less than 90 days.


Price is subject to change according to the exchange rate. If airport pick up or drop off is required an additional cost of 20€ per trip is requested.

Applicants must be 18 or over. This outreach is tailored towards those aged 18-60. 

Volunteers are welcome to come for more than one week at a time, please ask for more details.


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