OM in Spain have various exciting opportunities to join their team! Dates can be customised year-round subject to availability.

Renovation of a Ministry Centre/Hostel

This is an opportunity to help with the renovation of a building which will become a ministry centre/hostel on The Way of St. James (El Camino de Santiago in Spanish), a world renowned pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. You will be doing practical manual tasks in the renovation of the ministry centre/hostel.  We are looking for people who have practical skills in the areas of electricity, plumbing, and masonry as well as general construction skills.  We are also looking for people without specific skills who are happy to do general manual labour, cleaning and renovation projects. You may be working alone or alongside other people.  You will also learn more about the history and current situation of the evangelical church in Spain.

The vision for the building is to host retreats for Spanish churches, community Bible study/church plant, and a hostel where pilgrims  will spend the night. Many of the pilgrims are walking the Camino searching for something.  As a result, they are open to spiritual conversations.  This strategic ministry will serve the physical needs of the pilgrims as well as provide many opportunities to share the Gospel.  Join us in making this vision a reality!
 Length of placement

1 month

 Cost £850 per month (excluding flights, insurance, possible vaccinations & DBS) +£50
 Ages 18+
 Suitable for single people welcomemarried couples welcomefamilies welcomegroups welcome

Reaching Galicia

Based in the city of A Coruña, on the North West coast of Spain, you will be helping at English conversation clubs or classes and any workshops we might have during your time here. You will be attending a local Baptist church in Spanish.  You will be involved with the church youth group and any other events the church might have during your time here.
You will work alongside OM workers and participate in their team meetings.  Expect to follow a weekly schedule of different ministry activities.  If you are here in July you will be part of the “Way of St. James” (Camino de Santiago) outreach, a hike of around 120km where you will be sharing the gospel with pilgrims from all over the world.  
 Length of placement

1 month - 11 months

If the programme is longer than 90 days there may be additional costs for visas and language school studies (for those who don’t already speak a good level of Spanish). 

 Cost £720 per month (excluding flights, insurance, possible vaccinations & DBS) +£50
 Ages 18+
 Suitable for single people welcomesorry, no married couplessorry, no familiessorry, no groups

Cross Cultural Ministry Training in Southern Spain

Do you want practical cross cultural ministry training, participating in a multicultural team and context?  Do you also want to discover and develop your ministry according to your gifts and calling? Then this training may be for you!
Based in the strategic position on the Strait of Gibraltar, this city in southern Spain is the port with the biggest flow of people between Europe and Africa. For this reason the OM team in this city are involved in different ministry areas, mainly among Spaniards and Arabs, and also with some other smaller cultural groups. During the training programme you will learn about the challenges and opportunities of cross cultural ministry and work with the team in different ministries. For example working with the local Spanish church, working with immigrants, church planting related activities and evangelism in the port. 
We are looking for people who have a call to cross cultural missions, principally but not exclusively among Spaniards or Arabs, have a willingness to learn and to try new things and to work with other cultures and church denominations.
 Length of placement

3 months - 9 months (possibility to extend to 2 years, ask for more information if desired)

If the programme is longer than 90 days there may be additional costs for visas and language school studies (for those who don’t already speak a good level of Spanish). 

 Cost £805 per month (excluding flights, insurance, possible vaccinations & DBS) +£50
 Ages 18+
 Suitable for single people welcomemarried couples welcomefamilies welcomesorry, no groups

Evangelism and Church Planting in Southern Spain

The possibilities for church planting ministry in the south of Spain are wide.  The goal is to establish new contacts by reaching out to people through different programmes such as door to door evangelism, art, conferences, workshops or youth meetings.
This programme will involve spending time in a city in the south of the Spanish mainland, as well as spending time in the Canary Islands.  You will be involved in the different stages of planting a church from evangelism to helping with a new church plant to supporting an established church plant.  When in the city on the Spanish mainland you will participate in the team meetings and team life of the OM team there.
 Length of placement

1 month - 3 months

 Cost £850 per month (excluding flights, insurance, possible vaccinations & DBS) +£50
 Ages 18+
 Suitable for single people welcomemarried couples welcomefamilies welcomegroups welcome 

Participant Profile

We are looking for people who are teachable, flexible and passionate about sharing the gospel among the least reached in Spain.  You should be a Jesus follower with a strong desire to share the love and gospel of Jesus Christ with other people, working with the local church.  You must be at least 18 years old and in good health.  You need to know some Spanish before going as almost all (or perhaps all) of the activities you will be involved with will be fully in Spanish.


Renovation option - You will sleep in the ministry centre/hostel in the village of Os Muiños, about 5km from the nearest town of Muxia.  You may be sharing a room with other people of the same gender.  Sheets and towels will be provided.  The ministry centre/hostel has wifi and laundry facilities. 

All other options - You will be sharing a flat or house with other participants, OM workers or local believers.  You may need to share a bedroom. 


Renovation option - Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided.  We can usually cater for different dietary requirements or food allergies (vegetarian, lactose free, gluten free etc.) as long as we know about this in advance. 

All other options - You will take turns preparing meals.  All dietary requirements can be catered for, as long as we know about them in advance. 


Renovation of a Ministry centre - If you are flying you should arrive by plane into A Coruña airport (LCG) or Santiago de Compostela airport (SCQ).  If you are travelling by train you can arrive into the train station in A Coruña or Santiago de Compostela.  There are then public transport links to the town of Muxia. 

Reaching Galicia - You should arrive by plane into A Coruña airport (LCG), by train into the railway station San Cristóbal in A Coruña or by bus into the A Coruña bus station. 

Cross Cultural Ministry Training & Evangelism & Church Planting in Southern Spain - You can fly to the airports of Malaga, Seville or Gibraltar.  You can then take public transport from the airport to the city where you will be based. The cost of the public transport is in addition to the cost of the programme.   

Please do not book flights unless you have received an acceptance email.


You must be in a good health. We need to know about any health issues, dietary requirements, food allergies or intolerances in advance. 

In addition, for the Renovation option - you need to be physically fit and able to undertake physical manual labour on a daily basis as well as frequently walking up and down stairs. 


British citizens can travel without a visa to the Schengen area, which includes Spain, for up to 90 days in any 180-day period. 


Individuals applying must be 18 or over.

These ministries are run throughout the year. Please use the question button at the bottom of this page to let us know when you are interested in going and for how long and we will let you know availability. We recommend doing this before filling in the application form.

Price is subject to change according to the exchange rate.

Please understand that while you are with us you won’t be able to travel around Spain (apart from ministry related trips) so do not expect holidays.  However, you will get one day off every week where you can visit and do any sightseeing.  The stated price doesn’t include any extra money for sightseeing.

As part of our Safeguarding policy, you will require a valid enhanced DBS certificate which may cost an additional £15.