This is a series of one day events on a weekend consisting of teaching, small group time, worship, workshops, games and more!

Why should you send your teens to a TS Mini weekend event?

1.     They are a time of fun, games, and excitement.

Sometimes teens think that Christian events are boring.  At TeenStreet Mini we mix things up by turning a day full of preaching and small groups into a fun and character-building experience.  When teens arrive at TeenStreet Mini, they are greeted with rejuvenating Christian music with good beats, team building activities to get them to get to know each other and make new friends. throughout the day, teens are encouraged to shout, dance, and do a bunch of other things that they wouldn’t typically do on a church setting.

Not only the atmosphere is great, but the worship and preaching are also tailored to what suits teens. Instead of a dry boring talk, teens learn about life transforming stories from the Bible and laugh out loud at the speaker’s funny stories. Away from the main sessions, teens interact and play fun activity that makes them bond and create memories.

2.     They introduce teens to gospel teachings.

We have speakers who connect best with teens and bring teachings that challenge, equip, and inspire teens to make and stand and follow Jesus-Christ. Instead of presenting the gospel message as something that only applies to older generations we present the gospel in such a way that teens can come to see Jesus as someone who cares personally about them. We also provide teens with the opportunities to learn to examine scriptures for themselves.

3.     They are an opportunity for teens to meet like-minded peers.

Teenager can be easily influenced by a group of friends they hand out with. That’s why you’ll want your teenage son or daughter teens to go somewhere where he or she can find like-minded peers who love the Lord and are committed to living a lifestyle set apart from the world’s standards. Once teens have made friends at these events, they will likely be more excited about being a Christian and take they walk with the lord more seriously.

4.     They introduce teens to discipleship and mission.

These events are a time of renewal and decision making. They are launching pads for the spiritual lives of young Christians. During these events, teens learn the importance of sharing the gospel with the least reached, teens may discover God’s calling for their lives and understand the importance of reading their Bible and telling others about Jesus.

Teens are also introduced to different short term outreach opportunities that they can be involved in here in the UK and abroad.

5.     They are beneficial for the local church.

These events create opportunities for adults to engage in teenagers’ lives by serving as small group leaders (coaches), staff and so on. This mixing of mature Christians and younger believers can lead to great discipleship opportunities where teens can see the ways in which God is at work.

These events are also great for the local church of the youth ministries because it is training up teens in the truth of God’s word. If you want a more Biblically literate group of young people, you should consider sending teens to these events. The stronger these young Christians become the greater the impact they can have on their communities as well. We’re not saying that TeenStreet Mini events are the only ingredient, but they are part of a larger plan of training up young people.

This year we have TeenStreet Mini events scheduled on the following dates and locations:

  • London – 18th February 2023
  • Quinta – 15th April 2023. More details here
  • Northern Ireland – October 2023 – date TBC