The De Limas are a cross-cultural family, Flavio comes from Brazil and Cinzia from Italy, they have two beautiful kids, and they have made their home in the UK.

Between 2002-2006, they worked on the OM ship MV Doulos, and that is how they met. Serving on board the Doulos was a life-changing experience. In 2016, they re-joined OM as a family to serve on board the MV Logos Hope.

Flavio spend the first year as Help Ministries Manager overseeing the relief and practical help of the ship’s ministries and now recently joined the leadership team as the Corporate Services Director.

Flavio is also involving in mentoring, coaching and leadership development on board the ship.

Cinzia is a full-time mother and wife and joins different activities and ministry opportunity when they come. Nair and Lucas love to attend the school on board the ship.

If you want to find out more about their Ministry on board the Logos Hope please email Flavio at: [email protected] or Cinzia at [email protected]

If you would like to support their ministry financially please use the links on this page.

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