You can join the OM UK Kids 'n' Things team for either a 2-month children's ministry training opportunity, a 2-3 week holiday club outreach or an online course for 2 hours a week

Come and share the gospel message with children using creative skills such as puppetry, drama, music, and storytelling whilst receiving training in children's ministry! 

OM’s Kids ‘n’ Things ministry was established over 20 years ago, with the aim of presenting the Christian message creatively to primary school age children in the UK. Over the years the team has presented professional-quality theatre-style performances in primary schools at Easter and Christmas, with the aim of clearly presenting the Christian meaning behind these important festivals. At other times of year, during school holidays, the team runs one-week Lionheart children’s holiday clubs in partnership with churches across the UK.

What is a Lionheart Holiday Club?

A Lionheart holiday club is a five-day event for children, held in a church. Each day there is a fast moving, entertaining two-hour programme, designed for children to enjoy themselves as they learn the truth about God and about themselves. OM’s Kids ‘n’ Things children’s ministry team works in partnership with the church members to run the club. A Lionheart holiday club can be a useful event to bring in children from the community who do not usually attend church. Our aim is then to channel these children into the ongoing children’s work of the church. Although some children may become Christians during the holiday club it is often during the ongoing contact with Christians that children make a commitment. A Lionheart club is suitable for all primary school age children (4-11 years old). Some churches run a family service at the end of the week, which the children and their families are invited to.

Each day in the club begins with craft activities then we play parachute games with the children. After this, the main up-front programme takes place which lasts about an hour and follows the adventures of Lionheart, our main puppet character. As Lionheart goes on his adventures the children learn along with him. Each day has a spiritual theme, and all the items in the programme that day reflect different aspects of that theme. The up-front programme includes puppets, drama, mime, conjuring, action songs and so on, leading up to the bible story of the day. Each day's theme links to the next. At the end of each day the children do a "fun sheet" to help them review and respond to what they have learned too.

Come and join OM UK's Kids 'n' Things team for either:

Kids 'n' Things Academy (in person) This 2-month opportunity is for people who want to develop their skills and experience as children’s workers. Participants in the Kids ‘n’ Things Academy will take part in professional-quality children’s ministry in churches whilst also receiving training in the theology, theory and skills required. There will be a combination of on-the-job training with teaching seminars and assignments, to equip participants for their future in children’s ministry.


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Saturday, 15 April - Monday, 12 June 2023

15 February 2023



Saturday, 17 June - Monday, 14 August 2023

17 April 2023


Ages 18+
Suitable for single people welcomemarried couples welcomesorry, no familiessorry, no groups

Lionheart Holiday Club Outreaches Learn and deliver professional-quality children’s programmes in churches with the team.


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Saturday, 20 May - Monday, 05 June 2023

20 March 2023



Saturday, 22 July - Monday, 14 August 2023

22 May 2023


Ages 18+
Suitable for single people welcomemarried couples welcomesorry, no familiessorry, no groups

Kids 'n' Things Academy (online) join online for 2 hours a week and learn how to share the gospel message with children using creative skills. 


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Monday, 17 April - Monday, 03 July 2023

03 April 2023



Ages 18+
Suitable for single people welcomemarried couples welcomesorry, no familiessorry, no groups

Further Ministry Details

Kids 'n' Things Academy

The Kids ‘n’ Things Academy is our training programme for children’s workers. Through the Academy sessions, you will learn theory, theology and skills which will help you to develop in children’s ministry. You will have the opportunity to use and develop many of the skills taught in the Academy while delivering the holiday club programme ‘Lionheart and the Ultimate Gaming Adventure’ which you will learn when you arrive. You should also be able to volunteer with some of our partner organisations to get some wider experience of various children’s ministries.

During your time with us, you will spend one day a week participating in the Kids ‘n’ Things Academy, two days a week working with the team to learn and rehearse the holiday club programme, and two days a week with other children’s ministries.

During the holiday club itself you will be involved in various parts of the up-front programme. You will take part in puppet songs and stories as a puppeteer, and will help to demonstrate the action songs we use. There may also be opportunities to teach bible verses or bible stories if you have skills in this area. As well as the performance element, there will be plenty of time for you to help alongside church members in small group activities with children, such as making crafts and playing games. The holiday club runs in the morning, between 10am and 12pm, so generally you will have some free time in the late afternoons and evenings. You will have a full day off on Saturdays.

Spring - You will be helping run the Lionheart holiday club at a church in Wrexham, Wales. During this holiday club, we will have lunch at the church and in the evenings, we will eat with different members of the congregation.  

Summer - Once the school holidays begin, we plan to spend two weeks running holiday clubs Monday to Friday with two different churches in different areas of the UK. You will also participate in family services on Sundays with some of these churches. 

Lionheart Holiday Club Outreaches

Week 1

During your first week, you will be learning the holiday club programme, ‘Lionheart and the Ultimate Gaming Adventure’. You will learn a selection of basic skills needed to deliver the programme such as puppeteering and storytelling. The week will be busy, but by the end of it you will be ready to help deliver the programme.

Week 2 (and week 3 for summer option)

You will take part in running the Lionheart holiday club at a church in Wrexham, Wales if you join the spring option and 2 different churches in the UK if you join the summer option.

Kids 'n' Things Academy Online

The purpose of the Kids ‘n’ Things Academy is to equip individuals and churches with the knowledge and skills required to share the gospel with children. 

During the course you will develop your understanding of the heart God has for children, gain understanding of how children learn, to increase the impact of your teaching and develop skills, ideas and resources that can be used to create vibrant children’s ministry programmes.

Participants will join a small group in a virtual classroom for  2 sessions each Monday from 11:00-12:00 and then 13:00-14:00 (UK time). The course will be delivered over a period of 10 weeks. There will be no session on the 29th May.

Participant Profile

Academy in Person & Holiday Clubs - You will be a member of a small international team of up to 5 people. Experience of working with children, especially in a church context, would be useful but not essential. The main requirements are the ability to relate to children and a desire to help them discover God. You do not need to have used puppets before – training will be given – although you do need to have enough physical mobility to be able to kneel behind a puppet stage, carry some equipment and take part in lively action songs.

OM UK is committed to safeguarding all those we work with, and you will be required to provide the relevant documentation during the application process.

Academy Online - You must have an ability to relate to children and a desire to help them discover God, a willingness to grow and develop in your life, faith and teamwork skills and good spoken English. To participate, you will need to be available for two interactive online sessions each Monday for the duration of the course.

Further Details for in Person Opportunities:


OM has a residential training centre in the town of Halesowen, near Birmingham. You will be living there with students from some of our other training programmes. You will most likely be sharing a room. Most of the churches we will be working with are within one hour’s drive of our training centre, in which case you will live at the centre and we will travel to and from the club each day. If a church is further away, they will provide accommodation.


Meals will be provided. Please let us know in advance of any special dietary requirements (vegetarian, dairy-free, food allergies, gluten free, etc.)


You need to travel to and from Birmingham in the UK on the arrival and departure days.


Participants should be in average good health and have enough physical mobility to be able to kneel behind a puppet stage, carry some equipment and take part in lively action songs. 


Applicants must be 18 or over.

Any health concerns will be discussed prior to acceptance.

As part of our safeguarding policy, you will require a valid enhanced DBS certificate which may cost an additional £15. 

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