“I have seen the Lord!” John 20:18

Let us speak up and witness to the wonderful truth that Jesus Christ is alive! 

Since that first simple gospel exclamation by Mary Magdalene, followers of Jesus through the centuries have seen the Lord for themselves and have continued to proclaim His resurrection power. 

Our commission remains clear. Three billion people are still yet to hear this incredible news that Jesus is alive. We, as followers of Jesus in the 21st century, must continue to faithfully and urgently live out God’s love, proclaiming the life-changing truth that Jesus has risen from the dead.


The impact of discipleship

It is so inspiring to hear stories of young people around the world, like Esther* from East Asia, who have seen Jesus for themselves and are stepping out to share His life-changing love with others. Esther is helping – simply but powerfully – transform lives and communities through discipleship. 

Having seen the desperate need for the gospel in her home country, Esther now invests in other Jesus followers, helping build a natural network of bold disciple-makers. “I share with home groups, and in different churches, encouraging young people to have a heart to serve and share God,” she explains. 

“We are seeing people who had no personal faith become bold for Jesus.” READ MORE

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Choosing a more righteous way

“We are so encouraged,” shares Madalin, a volunteer youth worker. “We’re seeing our youth reading their Bibles of their own accord – actually wanting to go into the Scriptures and getting excited when they discover things.”

Madalin wasn’t sure what to expect when he agreed to accompany a group of teenagers to TeenStreet UK last summer; he had no idea it would be such a turning point. READ MORE

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Boldly sharing the love of Jesus

It’s Holy Week and you’re walking through a town centre in north London. You spot a large group of young people, smiling at passers-by. Catching your eye two of them approach you, asking about your day and whether you have plans for Easter.

Mutually enjoying the conversation, they go on to share what Easter means for them – it means everything! At Easter their King died for them, defeated death and welcomed them into His eternal Kingdom. “He did this for you too,” they say. 

These young people are part of a Turkish-speaking church in north London – Londra Yeni Ya┼čam Kilisesi – led by OM worker, Dennis. This Easter will be the second year they have spent Holy Week boldly sharing the love they have found in Jesus with passers-by in busy highstreets. 

Last year, many people were impacted by their testimonies and offers of prayer, with 12 people wanting to find out more and beginning their own journeys of discovering Jesus.

You will be my witnesses...

The calling to be witnesses is for all of us as followers of Jesus. As we seek opportunities to witness to those around us in our own communities and neighbourhoods, a one-off or a regular gift from you this Easter will also help see the love of God reach those who may never otherwise hear that He has risen.

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