Do You even see me? Do You hear me?

Stan and Lucia share how there are many people across the AP who feel unheard, unseen and unwanted. The couple have seen how God is at work, calling people to Him. Read more

Feeding children in body, mind and spirit

Lorrin recently took on the role of children's ministry coordinator for Africa Area. Her own childhood experiences inspired Lorrin to provide a safe space for young people where they can be fed spiritually and physically. Read more

Offering hope in ongoing uncertainty

Two years after the invasion of Ukraine, the OM team in Poland remains committed to supporting the ongoing needs of Ukrainians crossing the border. Read more

Love thy neighbour

Tina discovered she loved sharing her testimony and teaching those who were willing to listen about her faith in Jesus Christ. Read more

They call her Love

To most people, Nimitra is known by a nickname given to her as a baby and now encompasses why she does what she does: Love. Read more

Making old things new

“I believe that all cultures are created by God,” Seelan shared, explaining how he still carries with him values he learnt growing up. Read more

Sharing Jesus through sports in Myanmar

OM’s sports ministry in Myanmar started in 2008 when the country was struck by a massive typhoon. Read more

The significance of same and near-culture workers

Every crewmember onboard Logos Hope can recollect a story of a moment, friendship, or conversation they shared with a local person that left them changed forever... Read more

Hope for the future of missions

Jane Knoop, visited TeenStreet UK's event in August, and left encouraged that the future of missions lies in the hands of our young people. Read more

Mixing our spiritual and professional lives: how are my studies connected to my faith?

"Though I was passionate about what I was learning, my faith had deepened over the course of my degree – including being strongly influenced by several mission trips –and I increasingly found myself asking: how can I connect my studies to my faith?" Read more

Reaching Our Muslim Neighbours

In late July, a team of 12 passionate individuals embarked on a transformative outreach adventure titled "Reaching our Muslim Neighbours." Read more

A Prayer For TeenStreet

Let us be keenly aware of the significance of this moment as we pray for teens and their leaders during TeenStreet. Read more