Our Story

We are a global community of Jesus followers.

Short Term Missions

Discover the short-term mission for you. Find out more.

Logos Hope

Sharing knowledge, help and hope. Volunteer for 1 or 2 years.

Mustard Fund

Planting seeds of change through business. Find out more.

Pray, Give, Go

We believe everyone should hear the gospel, at least once.

They will know you by your love - Central Asia

God's love is spreading through least reached communities in Central Asia.

Mercy Appeal Rohingya Refugee Crisis

The United Nations have described this refugee crisis as an ethnic cleansing. Over 600 thousand Rohingya have fled into Bangladesh seeking refuge. Join with us in prayer and financial giving to see hope restored to those who have lost everything. Click here to give to OM's Mercy Fund to support crises such as this.

The Village - A short film

In the Southern end of Madagascar lives the Tandroy people, an unreached people group living in harsh, drought-ridden circumstances. This is the story of the first village that has been reached by two OM ladies.

Student Placements

Complete your placement with OM as part of your sandwich degree or to enhance your CV. Find out more.