Wherever you are in your faith journey, and whatever stage of life, we are here to connect you with global mission opportunities to discover, develop and apply your God-given gifts to live out His love.

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Short Term Mission Trips

Go and experience God at work around the world. Learn and grow as you step out in faith


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OM Ships

Discover how God can work in and through you as you step out in faith, and step onboard Logos Hope.


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Training for Mission

REACH Training for mission. Know what you believe and why, and gain confidence in living out God’s love in any situation.


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A Gift of Love

Supporting those in need


£6 could provide a printed bible (to someone who has never had one before).


£12 could provide someone with an audio bible in their language


£18 could provide a family with a food package
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Swipe stories of God at work

  • The Growing Church in Iran

    With 75% of the population under 30, Iran is home to a generation searching for freedom and seeking truth. Read more

  • The word 'father' has real meaning now

    Jareht hated his father, who’d walked out on five sons when Jareht was just four years old. By the age of 16, Jareht was close to ending his life. Read more

  • Known by their extraordinary love

    As we look forward to Christmas 2021, we also want to look back at last year. Here is a glimpse at one of the projects funded by your kind donations. Read more

  • He is at work as we pray

    Nine years ago, Pippa,* left her home in Surrey and joined in with what God was doing among Buddhist communities in the Himalayas. Read more

  • God's harvest in lockdown

    OM’s Turkish Ministry in London works closely with the local Bulgarian/Turkish church, which baptised 21 new believers after lockdown. Read more

  • Using my skills for something eternal

    Jenna Montgomery left her HR job in Aberdeen to use her professional skills with OM in Spain. Find out why she took this step. Read more

  • Living out God's love in the workplace

    Can our ordinary, everyday lives really make a difference for God's kingdom? Read more here! Read more

  • Trusting God's movement

    Jim and Lena share how God has prepared the way for them amidst the challenges of moving to a new country during coronavirus. Read more

  • Five ways to live out God's love in Freshers

    Freshers week can be intense and overwhelming. Find out how you can live out God's love as a student in your first weeks at university and beyond. Read more

  • Learning to love your enemy

    OM worker Igor* undergoes transformation in his life before God uses him to serve the people he used to hate in the Cacausus region. Read more

  • A family who said 'yes' to God

    The Bullock family left their life in the UK to serve God cross-culturally in Zambia. Read more about what it was like to go on missions as a family. Read more

  • Serving at their table

    Before lockdown, around 50 people were attending the Turkish-speaking church led by Deniz. Since then, up to 1,600 people have engaged each Sunday. Read more

Swipe featured outreaches

Swipe training for mission

  • REACH in South Africa

    REACH South Africa is an intensive programme which is focused on helping you to live life and to be equipped for the future ministry opportunities. Read more

  • REACH in Ireland

    REACH Ireland exists to inspire, disciple and equip Jesus followers to be able to move into a different cultural context to see Vibrant Communities of Jesus Followers among the least reached. Read more

  • REACH in Turkey

    REACH in Turkey is a 5 month discipleship programme: an awesome opportunity for participants to connect with the least reached. Read more

  • REACH: the City (in the UK)

    REACH exists in the UK to equip disciples for mission in an urban context. Read more

  • REACH in Moldova and Romania

    REACH in Moldova and Romania (formally MDT) is an intensive discipleship training program aimed at equipping you for a missional life. Read more

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  • Join Logos Hope Today!

    Are you Flexible, Adaptable and Teachable? You will be after you serve on Logos Hope! Learn how Logos Hope and life on board have adapted in 2020 and 2021, and please contact us about joining in 2022!

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God is using us

  • It was life changing, and I really appreciate the opportunity. I am far more mature spiritually and in general.

    Jothan - 3 months onboard Logos Hope

  • “When asking Muslim Background Believers who have taken months to get to a fairly safe place only a few miles to Hungary what they wanted our church to pray for. I was humbled when they said 'more of the Holy Spirit'. I would have asked for asylum in the EU. Their commitment to their faith was so strong I felt ashamed at my shallowness.”

    Tom- 1 week in Serbia

  • REACH was a great experience which provided an opportunity for real personal and spiritual growth. It allowed me to learn more about how to live as a disciple of Jesus and opened my eyes to the urgent need of the gospel to be shared in Europe.

    Clare- 6 months REACH Europe

  • So, what specifically have I learnt? The people in North Africa are some of the kindest, most welcoming, friendly people you will ever meet. And that God has a huge heart for, not only these people, but for the people of the world as a whole.

    Claire- 3 weeks North Africa