Please be aware of temporary changes due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. We are currently unable to supply speakers or presentation teams due to the social distancing limitations required to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

We may be able to supply your church with suitable replacement resources and information for this unprecedented season. Please use the form below if this would be of interest.

What is a Presentation Team?

A presentation team is an international group of people who have lived and worked with OM teams around the world and come together to share their experiences with churches and other groups.

OM Presentation Team

Why book a Presentation Team?

A presentation team will open the eyes of the church to the many wonderful ways in which God is working around the world, using ordinary people in extraordinary ways. Each member of God’s kingdom has a role to play in missions, whether that be praying, giving financially or going on a mission trip. The team will present these opportunities in new and innovative ways to encourage each member of the church to take up their role in world missions.

OM seeks to partner with the church to put ‘mission at the heart of the church and church at the heart of the community’. Our aim is to seek the heart of the church and match it with appropriate ministries within OM.

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