Hi Guys, Romesh Doresamy (Ex Logos 1) and myself, Neil Baird, have talked about the situation on Logos Hope with the current lockdown and isolation which is helping to protect the crew at this time.

With no book sales and fuel/food to pay for, we thought as ex-OMer's, we would like to send a blessing to the folk there and have created this fundraising page to hopefully raise funds from the Alumni of OM Ships, so please share this link www.uk.om.org/supporting-the-crew-on-logos-hope on other Ship Facebook pages so more people will see it.

We understand some people are not in a position to give or can give a small amount, please do not feel any pressure to give, like in the old days, some had nothing and others had enough to support others.

As in my OM days, finance was based on the dollar, so we are asking if you can afford $100 in your currency, please go to the link below and join us in blessing the guys on LH.

Some may feel they can give more than $100, that would be fantastic, so if you are from the UK it would be great if you were able to give £100.

You can give from £5 to whatever limit you like, so again do not feel that you need to give.

However we would be really grateful if you would share this appeal with those you know and family and friends in your different networks.

Thank you in advance if you can support this, financially, prayerfully or both.

Every Blessing

Neil & Romesh