As Mary and Joseph, the Magi, and shepherds travelled to Bethlehem, filled with both anticipation and excitement, they did so unsure of what would face them, or how they were to be used.

Those faithful, Christ-centred journeys thousands of years ago still motivate us today, and through our Christmas Appeal, we hope you will be inspired to Live Out Love, making possible many more journeys of faith!

Christ’s enduring love drives us as we inspire, equip and connect deeply committed disciple-makers with extraordinary journeys to multiply God’s word and be the hands and feet of Jesus wherever the need is greatest. This is true of Delysia*.

Delysia's Story

Delysia’s family visited Logos Hope to see the book-fair when it came to her home country of Namibia in 2016. Once on board, Delysia couldn’t take her eyes off the volunteers:

“All I could look at was the people working there, serving the Lord. It was then that I realised this was what I had to do. I had to commit my life to God at that moment and serve Him full-time!”

Read more about Delysia here


Growing The Church In Iran

“The growth of the church in Iran is, without question, one of the most unexpected surprises in the last 1,400 years of missions,” Stuart*, an OM leader, says.

In 1979, the Khomeini Islamic revolution forced the OM team to evacuate Iran after 17 years of serving,  leaving behind tonnes of Bibles and other Christian resources for the local church.

Today, church leaders estimate there are over one million followers of Christ inside Iran:

Read more about the Church in Iran here


Malaysian Teens Start a TeenStreet in Cambodia

Aaron, from Malaysia, attended TeenStreet as a teen and then as a young adult, along with friends from his local fellowship. Now 31 years old, he is still using things he learned there to impact another generation of young people in his own country and in Cambodia.

“TeenStreet sparked and rekindled the fire in us to love God and obey Him. The lessons that we learned helped us in our walk with Jesus, and we wanted to see the same in other teens—for them to be on fire and live out the Gospel.”

Read more about starting a TeenStreet in Cambodia here


Can you be a part of all these journeys this Christmas?

Whatever your gift, and however large or small, it will make a big impact towards a wide variety of ministries like these, amongst people who are separated from God, to walk with them as they begin their own extraordinary journey of faith.

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*names changed