All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, Lord; they will bring glory to your name. - Psalm 86:9

This Christmas, your financial support will equip OM workers to continue to share the good news of Jesus with people who are yet to hear of and experience the life that can only be known through Christ.

In Tanzania for example, OM artist Steven is working alongside local believers to write worship songs in their mother-tongue, giving rise to deeper knowledge and heartfelt adoration of Jesus.

In Austria, Rachel organises Christmas concerts for those in her community to come, hear the good news and adore Him. These are just some of many ways that music is being used by mission workers to touch the hearts of those who have yet to hear the good news about Jesus.

Globally God’s people are using the gifts He has given them to take the gospel to their communities.

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But the need is still great. Billions of people across the globe still have little or no knowledge of the Gospel. Many won’t get the chance to unless there are indigenous, authentic, and artistic expressions of Biblical worship happening among them.

This Christmas, your financial support will equip OM workers to share the good news of Jesus with the least-reached people around the world, so that all may have the opportunity to hear about, believe in, call upon and worship and adore Him.

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