This picture from 2020 reminds me of the happy moment in our life 20 years previous when we said "I do" and embarked on God's adventure together! Three months later we moved to France for my degree year abroad and discovered the great spiritual needs in this country that many only know as a postcard holiday destination. We attended one of only four evangelical churches in a region of 300,000 people!

We have been working with OM in France since 2010, at which time my (Paul's) role was as short-term missions coordinator. Since then I have coordinated many outreaches across France, with Steph and the boys often at my side, always working with and to support French churches looking to start or grow. As a family it has been a great joy for us to serve alongside motivated churches AND enthusiastic international outreach teams to see God doing amazing things in the lives of all those involved.

In September 2019 I accepted the role of Field Leader, which has meant us both adjusting to accept new challenges. This is an exciting new season for us. Steph, who has helped with many different tasks in OM over the years is beginning to learn about the Personnel role and I am working with my leadership team on questions of vision and strategy, to equip our France team with a clear framework which will take us into the next 5-10 years.

Apart from short-term missions, ministries in France include Teenstreet, outreach to unreached people groups, and partnering with others who share our desire to see the body of Christ grow in faith and number.

We would like to thank you for reading this far, and for considering supporting us in some way. We are so grateful for the support team that God has surrounded us with - all those who pray for us regularly and give to enable us to continue to serve Him in France. Our support team is as much a part of what God is doing in France as we are! So whether you pray for us, or give, or want to come and join us on the team, please let us know personally so we can also be praying for you.

As long-term OM workers, our ministry relies on your financial support. Please feel free to contribute to this via the giving links on this page. However, small regular monthly gifts (from £10-£100) would allow for better planning of resources. You can do this using various methods including Direct Debit.

Your support, through prayer and finances, is a blessing and an encouragement.

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