You can help Logos Hope embark on a new season of ministry

Logos Hope has recently arrived in the Bahamas. Here, crew will explore opportunities to meet the needs of communities still suffering the crippling effects of Hurricane Dorian in 2019.

Crewmembers have been given an incredible opportunity to partner with Marine Reach Global and its vessel Pacific Hope (see image below). Please pray for this partnership and for God to work through it to transform the communities they reach in the Bahamas.

Pacific Hope, YWAM

The continued closure of Logos Hope to the public due to COVID-19 brings great financial challenges for the Ship Ministry. We thank God for His wonderful provision. Generous gifts from partners, like you, have kept the ship afloat during these uncertain times.

Would you consider giving a gift towards Logos Hope as crew adapts to this new season of ministry supporting communities affected by Hurricane Dorian?

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