This initiative is to raise funds for the victims of the wildfires in Algeria. Below is a report from a worker in Algeria on the situation there. The funds raised here will be sent to our OM worker in Algeria

Kabylia under the ashes

We are today (August 13th) in the fourth day since the beginning of the fires which caused very great human, material and other damage. More than 115 people burnt, and about 30 without news. The majority are young people under 35, also children, old people and even pregnant women. Not to mention domestic animals and others, as well as nature completely bruised and destroyed. Houses, farms, henhouses and factories completely burnt down.

More than 103 outbreaks of fires have been recorded. More than 70 localised fires. Fires like we've never known and impossible to turn off. The greatest misfortune is the complete absence of the authorities. The villagers are having to defend themselves using very basic means(shovels, pickaxes, buckets, etc.). All this at a time when the region is registering the highest degree of temperatures 47-52 degrees and are also experiencing a water crisis. These areas have not had water in the taps for more than two weeks.

Fortunately, there is evidence of national solidarity and all kinds of aid is coming from around the country. Unfortunately, these fires are being seen as criminal acts and 22 arsonists have been arrested by civilians, and then handed over to the authorities, who in turn released some. There is no end to the fires, as one fire is extinguished, another is lit.

The regions affected are Bejaia and Tizi -Ouzou. The situation is catastrophic and the needs are great. Your support will be used to prepare and distribute food packages, clothing, medicines, bedding, and school materials/bags for children who have lost everything, so please give what you can.

May the lord come to the aid of Kabylia.