Please note that dates and ports may change due to a number of factors

Live Out Love on board Doulos Hope!

This is a great and unique opportunity to join the first crew on Doulos Hope for 3 months to get the ship ready for ministry. Come with a servant heart, an attitude to learn, and willingness to be flexible and this could be the experience of a lifetime. Many who have been on OM ships on a short-term experience bear witness to the huge impact it has made on their lives, and to how God has worked in and through them.

Doulos Hope has been launched into ministry! We need people with a posture and attitude to do anything, anytime, anywhere. We expect that the first months up to a year will very much be a journey of discovery as the life and culture on board, the ministry and how that is shaped but also the manning on board will evolve. It will very much be an emergent process which you can be part of, as in collaboration we help shape and influence the way forward.


Apply by Cost (excluding flights, insurance, any possible vaccinations & visa)
STEP 1 09 December 2024 - 02 March 2025 09 October 2024 £1,695
STEP 2 04 March - 28 May 2025 04 January 2025 £1,730
STEP 3 29 May - 22 August 2025 29 March 2025 £1,730
STEP 4 23 August - 14 November 2025 23 June 2025 £1,695
Ages 18+ Tailored towards participants 18-40    
Suitable for single people welcomesorry, no married couplessorry, no familiessorry, no groups    

Ministry Details

Living and working alongside people from different nations gives you first-hand experience of what it takes to be a cross-cultural Christian worker. It is both challenging and enriching. The days will be filled with practical work in one of the ship's departments (40hrs per week/ 8hrs per day).  You will be able to participate in spiritual enhancing activities, prayer time, devotions etc and will be encouraged to connect with locals whenever possible and visit local churches.

Participant Profile

Participants should be in good health, flexible and willing to learn. You must possess a passport that is still valid for at least 6 months at the leaving date from Doulos Hope. You must be able to agree to abide by all ships policies. 


On board the ship, in a 4-berth cabin where there is minimal storage and communal bathrooms.


Nutritious meals are served in our dining room on board three times per day. The menu is set by our Executive Chef and is often determined by the food available. Unfortunately, we cannot cater to specific eating habit or diets (vegetarian, gluten free, low cholesterol, low carb, etc.), but try to offer a variety of options at each meal.


You must arrange your own travel to and from the ship and visa if required. Adequate travel and health insurance cover is required and your insurance must cover COVID-19 treatment and repatriation if needed.

You will be informed of the ports as soon as possible if they have not yet been confirmed. 


You must be in excellent health and able to cope with hard physical work in hot, humid climates.


We'll advise on application whether you will need a visa.


Price excludes flights, insurance and any vaccinations required and is subject to change according to the exchange rate.

Applicants must be 18 or over. This opportunity is tailored towards participants aged 18-40.

As part of our Safeguarding policy, you may require a valid enhanced DBS certificate which may cost an additional £15.

Please note the ports and dates can change at any time due to many different reasons. 

If joining for 3 months or more, we highly recommend you join OM in the UK’s Getting into Gear weekend (GiG) which you can attend a weekend in October (18-20th). This is a weekend of training and orientation which will be conducted in Shropshire and will cost an additional £75.

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