Challenge events and community events are a great way to help raise personal support for a friend, relative or member of your church who is serving in mission with OM.

Heather's "Highland Fling"

Heather and Steve Packwood’s son, Liam, was accepted to serve for a year on Logos Hope. At the time, Heather was training to take part in the 'Highland Fling' ultra-marathon in the Scottish Highlands and decided to use it to help raise funds for Liam’s personal support while away. 12 hours, 46 minutes and 53 miles later, Heather managed to raise £3,355 in support of Liam’s trip. Well done Heather!

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If you cannot find the worker you would like to fundraise for listed in the support pages please contact OM UK's Fundraising manager, Andrew Sinclair on 01691 887821,

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