Celebrating a big birthday and realising a long-held dream are coming together for me this year! I am thrilled to be helping a trekking team raise £15,000 for AIDSLink workers supporting people living with HIV/AIDS in the Himalayas.

Between 1st-13th April I will be part of a team from the UK climbing a 4997m Himalayan peak to raise funds for AIDSLink.

We will see some of the AIDSLink projects first-hand and meet team members who are working amongst unreached people groups in the Himalayas. During the climb we will learn about the region, experience life in remote villages, see earthquake relief projects and meet community leaders. 

Please help us to provide some of the finances required to run and maintain this ministry during 2024 by clicking the donate button at the top of this page and contributing what you can.

Thanks for your support and partnership in this challenge!

The work of AIDSLink

AIDSLink teams provide support, medical treatment, counselling, and restoration of hope. Staff visit hospitals and homes providing support and care while in rural areas their Care Centre provides a clean, safe place to stay to start medical treatment (or testing). This treatment is often only available in the largest cities. Children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS can access educational sponsorship funds to stay in school through a sponsorship program provided by AIDSLink. A support group for these families meets monthly for teaching and encouragement.

As a new group takes part in this ‘4997 challenge’ this year, it is our prayer that as a result of their adventure and experiences, many more people will become aware of and want to support the inspiring and life transforming work of AIDSLink in the Himalayas. 

Matthew Skirton

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Jill Brace