Life was a blank page for 19-year-old Abigail before she joined an OM ship. In the 11 months she’s spent on board, her faith, confidence and understanding of the world have grown immensely.

During her final year at high school, Abigail, who comes from Zimbabwe, had no idea what her future held. The prospect of going overseas to serve God hadn’t really entered her thoughts. But as she explains, “I was praying and kind of seeking God on the next step that he had for me. He told me I should take a gap year.”

As Abigail sat down to apply, the barriers seemed huge. She didn’t have a passport, let alone any relevant work experience.

But she quickly learnt that, “God doesn't look for people who know what they're doing. God will qualify you if you are willing to put your trust in him.”

Bigger picture

On a day-to-day basis, Abigail assists the head chef in the ship’s kitchen. But she knows she’s part of a much bigger goal. “Being part of a team that all works towards one goal is honestly phenomenal”, she explains. “We're able to put everything else aside and focus on the one thing we have in common, which is Jesus.”

Since joining OM, Abigail has had the opportunity to visit countries, experience cultures and learn things she never thought possible.

“Before leaving the country, I knew nothing about the least reached. I knew nothing about three billion people who haven't heard about God’s love for them,” she admits.

Abigail’s initial commitment was for three months. She’s already extended that by a year. “I would 100% recommend joining the Ship Ministry. Every day that you step out of your cabin, you are signing up to learn something.”

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