OM’s ministry centres in Birmingham, London and other major cities are committed to ensuring the UK Church can be increasingly found working at the heart of diverse communities.

Least Reached in the UK

Working alongside the Church, OM teams are ministering amongst people groups, both newly arrived and established, that are considered least reached in the UK. These are communities where no known communities of believers exist amongst them. These include: Arabs, Chinese, Kurds, Syrians, Somalis, Turks and South Asians.

Even with the great number of churches engaging in outreach, there are still communities of people who do not have a vibrant fellowship amongst them that relevantly proclaim the Gospel. That could be because they are isolated by language (ie the Gospel is not being presented to a community in their mother tongue) or they could be isolated culturally, ethnically, and perhaps in some instances geographically.

Drawing on decades of international ministry, OM workers are equipped to walk alongside local churches to be trained in cross cultural outreach on their doorstep. Contact OM if you would like to discuss training for cross cultural outreach in your community.

Specialist catalytic ministries also work alongside OM teams and several churches across the UK to open new opportunities to present the Gospel. Kid's 'n' Things and ArtReach are two such examples, both using innovative methods and media to share the love of Christ.

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Training in the UK

Training has been part of the DNA of OM since the early beginnings. It is our desire to not only mobilise but equip the Church in sharing the Good News of Jesus. OM in the UK provides three regular training programmes:


Based in Birmingham, REACH in the UK is designed to provide training for mission in an urban context. Across three-months classroom training before placement (either abroad or in the UK), participants will learn biblical foundation for ministry, develop through mentoring, live cross culturally and experience practical application of ministry.

  • English Language and Cultural Opportunities (ELCO)

Primarily for international participants preparing for Christian ministry, ELCO is a three-month programme is an opportunity to help improve English skills. Students have classes in various subjects including English, mission training sessions and are provided opportunities to experience British cultural diversity.

    • Kids 'n' Things Academy 

    A three-month training programme working and learning in our well established children's ministry, the Kids 'n' Things Academy prepares workers for outreach to schools and churches situated in urban environments. The practical training equips trainees to understand and relate to children whilst preparing them for establishing similar ministries in their local churches to reach out to children.

    • Muslims, a Christian response (MACR)

    Delivered in partnership with the local church, MACR seeks to teach Christians how to respect, befriend and openly share their lives and values with those from an Islamic background. To book an MACR conference at your church, or for more information, get in touch.

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