An OM ship is like a microcosm of the world – a place where people from every nation, with diverse skills and life experiences unite to serve God. 

Together we support each other as we travel to some of the world’s most remote communities sharing knowledge, help and hope. 

Serving as Part of God's Mission

Three billion people have never heard the gospel or experienced Christ’s love through the life of a Jesus follower. Every day this number is increasing by 60,000 people, depriving entire communities of knowing God’s love.  

People need to hear about the love of Jesus and see His love impacting their lives and communities. OM’s Ship Ministry is equipped and ideally positioned to help change the trajectory of the three billion who haven’t heard about Jesus.  

God is using our platform to disciple Jesus followers to live out love by sharing the life-changing message of the Kingdom of God with all people in every nation. As people encounter Jesus, lasting transformation takes place as they understand more about our amazing God. 

The core of our mission goes far beyond running a ship. Our platform provides a catalyst for God’s mission. Everything we do is directed towards enabling Jesus followers to take the gospel to the nations, seeing lives and communities transformed and bringing hope to the men, women and children who have never heard His name. 



Fifty Years of Faithfulness 

The Ship Ministry began in 1970 and since then OM's ships have visited more than 480 different ports in 151 countries and territories and welcomed over 47 million visitors on board. 

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Meet Logos Hope

Our current ship, Logos Hope, visits each port for several weeks at a time and opens the gangways to hundreds and sometimes thousands of visitors each day. On average, over one million visitors have been welcomed on board every year! The floating book fair offers over 5,000 titles, providing many visitors their first-ever opportunity to purchase quality educational and literature. 

An international crew and staff of volunteers live and work on the ships. Teams from the ships go into surrounding areas to supply aid and community care. In each port, the ships' crew joins local organisations to bring hope and show love to people whatever their circumstance, culture or background. 

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Our Expanding Fleet


OM’s Ship Ministry is launching out on a new phase of expansion, starting with the purchase of new vessel Doulos Hope.  

“Our vision was not just for a new ship, but for a fleet of smaller vessels equipped to travel to places we haven’t been able to reach before,” writes chief executive officer of OM Ships, Seelan Govender, “We can then focus on specific regions and fully equip and invest in the local grassroots Church.” 

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