Every summer is monsoon season in my home country Pakistan.

Last year was no different, until the rain turned relentless at the end of July.

A few days into the downpour, I began receiving calls from the villages where the OM team I lead serves. People were getting nervous and basic needs, such as food and shelter, were becoming a concern. By day five of continuous rain, Pakistan had become a humanitarian crisis.

As we served communities and met physical needs, we saw God open more doors. One day I met a group of people sitting on the roadside.

I asked if they needed help, and one man replied, “You will not help us because we are Hindus.”

Out of the 30 families in his village, none had met a Christian before, the man shared, and he did not believe me when I promised to bring them food.

The man greeted me with a big smile when I showed up the next day. I explained that I was a follower of Jesus, called to love others as I would love myself. Praise God that, a year on, we are still working in this village (and nine others!), building relationships, and sharing the love of Christ.

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