The church in the UK (and wider) has begun to recover the arts, Christian artists are regaining their voice and responding to the Great Commission in a professional and intentional way, reaching out to their communities. Christian students in art colleges around the country need support and to be presented with opportunities that will enable them to use their gifts for the Kingdom. OMUK Arts will offer a way to do this.

The arts stimulate imagination, move us, and challenge our thinking; they also prepare our hearts and minds to receive Truth. Beyond being about communication, the arts align with an infinitely creative God, whose culture-making mandate calls us to faithful engagement with His Creation I am heading up a new ministry with many possibilities. I want to support and complement the existing evangelistic ministries in the UK, to bring the Gospel to those who need to hear, ‘to prepare their hearts and minds to receive the Truth’.

To facilitate artists to be incarnational, kingdom focused, effective and relevant through cross cultural ministry in order to enable them to have a direct impact in local communities through presenting the Gospel, and by discipling and mentoring their generation through the arts. I am praying that I will be used to mobilise artists to take their gifting to the nations. Through these artists, the Holy Spirit will change lives.

Evangelistic ministry doesn't happen without resources. I am praying that there will be those who would like to support this work.

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