Let us be keenly aware of the significance of this moment as we pray for teens and their leaders during TeenStreet.

Did you know that statistics reveal a staggering number of young people yearning for a deeper connection with God?

In 2022, Scripture Union set out a survey investigating peer evangelism amongst young people in the UK. They found that 65% of young Christians surveyed agreed or agreed strongly that they had the confidence to share their faith with others.

The study also stated significant percentage of youth are seeking purpose, authenticity, and spiritual fulfilment. Now, more than ever, our intercession becomes a powerful catalyst for their transformation.

Let Your Kingdom Come

A prayer for our teenagers:


We come before you with gratitude and expectation as we lift up the teenagers who will be attending TeenStreet. Grant them a spirit of openness and receptivity to your truth, as they gather to worship, learn, and grow in their faith.

Lord, we pray that You would ignite a deep hunger for your presence within their hearts. Empower them with your Spirit, filling them with boldness and courage to live out their faith in a world that desperately needs you. Strengthen their resolve to walk in righteousness, to love others unconditionally, and to be agents of positive change in their communities.

We pray for divine encounters and lifelong friendships to be forged during this time. We surrender these teenagers into your loving hands, trusting that you will accomplish great things in and through them.

In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

Your will be done

A prayer for those serving at TeenStreet:


We lift up in prayer all those who are serving with TeenStreet this summer. We thank You for their dedication, passion, and willingness to invest in the lives of young people. We pray that You would fill them with your wisdom, strength, and an overflowing love for every teenager they encounter.

Lord, we ask for encounters that will leave a lasting impact on the hearts of the serving team. May your Holy Spirit guide their words, actions, and decisions, allowing them to speak life, truth, and encouragement into the lives of those they serve.

Grant them patience and understanding as they navigate challenges and moments of exhaustion. Remind them to focus on glorifying you and seeking your rest. We pray you would refresh their spirits and give them a deep sense of joy that can only come from you.

Father, we pray for unity among the serving team, that they would work together in harmony, supporting and uplifting one another. May their love for You and their love for the teenagers attending be bright.


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