"Even during lockdowns all over the world, Christian literature has played a vital role both digitally and in print," George Verwer, founder of OM explains.

Now coordinating a small team in the UK called Special Projects, George continues to raise funds to reach the unreached, build up God's people, and provide Bibles and literature in languages where the need is greatest. 

"We have seen tens of thousands of books and Bibles distributed all over the world, but especially to Africa and India," George continued. "We get amazing response, even from young people."

Equipping the Church through quality literature has been part of OM's DNA for over 60 years. We offer a wide range of books which can be found on our online bookstore.

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Many of the books Special Projects offer teach on missional living - encouraging believers to engage with, and live out, the gospel message. "History shows that books of that kind have been a major factor in mobilising people into missions. I have had thousands of letters and emails that show that this is true."

He goes on to share the impact literature has had on him throughout his own life: "I came to Jesus because of a praying woman, a gospel of John, and Billy Graham. I was discipled largely through life-changing books." 

Knowing the spiritual impact books can have, George has continued to encourage others to take advantage of the resources available. "I now have 65 years of distributing life changing literature and I still have the prayer that people will also become distributors."

Live Out Love this Christmas

Books can have a spiritual impact. Through a gift to OM's Christmas Appeal, you could help someone in a least reached country access Gospel truths through Christian literature.

£20 could provide Gospel literature for a community yet to hear about Jesus.

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