Steve climbed his staircase at home 3,286 times during lockdown. This was the equivalent of 28,029 feet: the summit of Mount Everest.  

The challenge was intense. His knees suffered from the constant movement and pressure. But Steve’s reason for climbing kept him going; raising money for the ministry of Logos Hope. 

“I have seen God at work through the ship’s ministry,” Steve recalls. Having spent a total of seven and a half years onboard Doulos and Logos Hope—as a teenager, a young adult and with his wife and children—Steve witnessed first-hand the impact God has had through the ship ministry in port communities around the world.  

With the aim of sharing knowledge, help and hope with the world’s port cities, Logos Hope is home to an international community of volunteers, brought together by their desire to share the love they have received.

As well as welcoming visitors onboard, the crew of Logos Hope also meet people where they are, leaving the ship to reach out to communities in the local area. From inner city homeless outreaches to dental clinics, building projects and school visits, the impact God has had through the ship extends far beyond those who set foot onboard.

When usual ship ministry came to a halt as a result of the coronavirus lockdown, Steve knew he wanted to do something to support this vital ministry during a challenging time.

“During this time the crew are confined to the ship and spend their time seeking God in prayer, as well as training and equipping for the future. I want to do what I can to support the future of a ministry that has been making the name of Jesus known for 50 years.”

And so, the idea of a fundraising challenge was born.  

Steve isn’t new to fundraising. He and his family have been involved in fundraising for OM in the past. From climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and running marathons, to hosting concerts and organising clothes sales and ceilidhs, Steve and his family continue to be creative in how they fundraise for the work of the Kingdom.

I want to fundraise for OM

Climbing the height of Mount Everest in your home is a serious challenge. Steve wanted to make sure that he couldn’t change his mind, so he set up a fundraising page and made sure everyone knew what he was doing—sharing his plans on Facebook and in emails.

With no going back, he climbed over 46,000 steps to see Christ’s love and the hope of the Gospel shared with people living in the world’s port cities“It proved to be harder than I expected on my knees, and I had to slow my pace after the first few days,” Steve says.

“I was relieved to reach the ‘summit’!” Steve shares, “but the most important thing is that nearly £15,000 was raised for God’s purposes through the ministry of Logos Hope.” 

If you're keen to have a go at fundraising for OM, but don't think you could manage Everest on your stairs, don't fear! You can use the gifts and skills God has given you to share His love with the world - find inspiration for a wide variety of fundraising challenges below.

Top Five Fundraising Ideas