TeenStreet youth event usually sees thousands of teenagers from across Europe, and further afield, gather to worship God and deepen their faith. This year the gatherings were smaller, but the vision even bigger.

Over 80 groups of teenagers from 44 countries – from El Salvador to Pakistan, from the UK to South Africa – took part at this year’s TeenStreet in early August. They met in houses and churches in their hometowns, slept on floors or in tents and spent the week going deeper with God in their small groups and accessing live teaching and worship from the TeenStreet online platform.

The theme of TeenStreet Life was ‘Curious’. In the Gospels, Jesus is recorded to have asked over 300 questions! He often began conversations by asking questions, to challenge ideas and help people discover for themselves who He was.

“God welcomes our curiosity, our questions and our doubts and He invites us to search for answers,” the main speakers, Rachel, Rich and Aaron shared.

Through the online teaching, and in small groups, the teenagers asked questions and pursued God’s truth.

As the TeenStreet week came to an end, it was in fact just the beginning. Eager to support teenagers as they continue to journey with God throughout the year, the TeenStreet team launched the start of a year-long programme – TeenStreet 365.

“We want to offer resources to small groups around the world, without taking away the responsibility of the churches,” shared Ewout van Oosten, Director of TeenStreet International.

“We don’t want to go from event to event but take the event as a catalytic start for a movement.”

TeenStreet Life was the start of something much bigger. As the teens are supported in their questioning, discipled in their seeking, and encouraged to live for Jesus, this is the message they are left with: living for Jesus and sharing His love is for 365 days of the year.

Do you know a teen, parent or youth worker who would be interested in knowing more about resources available through TeenStreet 365?

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