With international travel limited due to coronavirus, where does this leave short-term outreach at the start of 2021? Has the familiar message of ‘stay home’ clashed with the command of the Great Commission to ‘go into all the world’? What options are we left with?

1. Pray

Maybe short-term outreaches are something you’ve not considered before. Or perhaps you were disappointed when yours was cancelled last year. Either way, hold your plans and ideas lightly and let God speak to you about how and where He wants to use you.

Is there a specific city, country or continent where you long to see Christ known? Pray for this people group.

Invest in communities spiritually through prayer before you ever meet or serve them practically.

2. Read

Read about the country you hope to go to. Discover the culture and understand their worldview. Learn about the major religions or ideologies in the region.

Read books on mission. Equip yourself in understanding the Biblical basis for mission. Humble yourself under the groundwork that many others have done before you for the sake of the Gospel and be inspired by their testimonies.

You can find books to inform and inspire below. 

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3. Go virtually

Get to know the long-term team in the country you hope to serve in by going virtually first. This gives you an opportunity to pray for the work that is already taking place and ask any questions you might have, as well as learn about the culture and hear from local believers.

Following the success of our first virtual outreach to Hungary in the autumn of 2020, we’ll be organising more virtual short-term outreaches in 2021.

Explore virtual options

4. Prepare practically 

Start fundraising for your outreach! Stuck for ideas? Check out our top five fundraising ideas! Fundraising is a great way of raising awareness about a people group who don’t know Jesus. If you’ve already been fundraising for your outreach, why not raise a little more for the work and cause of OM?

Talk to your home church about your plans to go on outreach and ask them to partner with you in prayer as you prepare to go.

5. Serve locally

Crossing borders for the Gospel is an urgent call for Jesus followers. But let’s also open our eyes to the many opportunities for cross-cultural mission in the UK.

Are there ways in which your church or local mission agencies are reaching out to least reached people groups in your area?

Join in with local outreach to see the Gospel shared with people on your doorstep who don’t know Jesus, as well as those on the other side of the world.