1. It gives God time and space to move

Short-term outreaches can be beautiful opportunities for God to work in and through you. Of course, God is God and He can work in any situation.

But short-term outreaches push you out of your comfort zone, meaning you’re compelled to trust Him in ways you might not usually have to.

It could be trusting Him practically with travel plans, or spiritually to give you the right words to say through the Holy Spirit at a particular moment.

As you witness in word and action, you also allow God to work through you. Offering to pray for someone, or just sitting and listening to them, can create space for people to encounter Jesus.  

2. It increases the capacity of long-term teams

OM only ever sends short-term teams to places where long-term teams are already established. This means that short-termers can increase the capacity of existing ministries.

For example, in Adaševci refugee camp in Serbia, short-term volunteers go to serve hot drinks, do laundry and chat to refugees in the tea tent run by OM. This frees up the long-term team to engage in the more strategic, logistical or administrative work that needs doing.

3. It impacts communities

Although you may only be in a community for a few weeks or months, your presence there (alongside the long-term team and the local church) can still have a significant impact for God’s Kingdom.

It might be a conversation that sows a seed. It might be an act of kindness that demonstrates God’s love. Or it could be leaving behind Bibles that are read by someone long after you’ve gone.

4. It impacts you

Short-term outreach can be humbling. It can be a catalyst for growing in your relationship with God. It can enrich your understanding of other worldviews. And it can open your eyes to God’s heart for people, giving you a greater sense of urgency for them to come to know His Son.

Short-term Outreach in 2022

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