OM’s Turkish Ministry in London works closely with the local Bulgarian/Turkish church. Their partnership means they can share God’s love with Turkish speakers in the UK, and train new believers how to reach their neighbours and be witnesses at their places of work.

When the world stood still, God kept moving.

“During lockdown many Turkish speakers were searching for Christ,” Deniz, who is part of OM’s Turkish Ministry, recalls. “We were able to meet with them through online platforms like Zoom, Facebook and YouTube. Eventually we could meet with them in person.”  

OM’s Turkish Ministry, in partnership with the local church, saw a great harvest of Turkish speakers during lockdown. After waiting for a year due to restrictions, 21 new believers were finally baptised together, with at least another 10 wanting to be baptised soon.

Kristina, one of the new believers to be baptised, shared her journey to faith:

“I grew up in a Muslim family. The very first time I heard about Jesus was in 2010, but I felt extremely embarrassed because of my sins, and I ran away from God. After 10 years of living an immoral life, I strongly felt in my heart that I needed to be closer to God.”

“However, I was seeking the wrong God. I started to focus more and more on Islam and studying the Quran. I began praying five times a day turning to face the right direction, praying in certain ways, but I couldn’t find peace.”

“Back in 2010, when for the first time I heard about Jesus, I turned my back on Him, but He has never turned His back on me. The God of the Bible waited for me for 10 years to dress me in His holiness and grace. In 2020 through the testimony and prayers of my older Christian sister I gave my life and heart to Jesus.” 

“It’s encouraging to see that Turkish speakers are coming to faith,” Deniz shared. “Our prayer is that those baptised will stay strong in their faith and be a light to their neighbours.”

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