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In late July, a team of 12 passionate individuals embarked on a transformative outreach adventure titled "Reaching our Muslim Neighbours." Rooted in a blend of insightful teaching sessions and hands-on interactions with Muslims across diverse London neighbourhoods, this outreach was a collaborative effort supported by two local churches.

The participants delved into the core tenets of Islamic faith, examining relevant Bible passages that shed light on these subjects. They were equipped with valuable insights on how to effectively introduce the Bible into conversations, addressing questions that may challenge the darker aspects of Quranic teachings.

As a significant part of their journey, they explored the British Museum and the British Library, where historical artifacts provided compelling support for the biblical narrative. Reflecting on this experience, Andrea Watcher, a dedicated participant in the outreach, shared, "As we engage with individuals poised against various aspects of Christian teaching, it often involves taking many small steps to lead them to Christ. Expecting to convince someone in one fell swoop or with just a few interactions would be unrealistic and discouraging."

The participants were eager to feel adequately prepared for these interactions, recognizing that seeking God's guidance in their conversations was paramount.

"It was surprising how many of the Muslims we met were eager to receive prayer for something," they noted.

Each participant wore a wristband adorned with four symbols, serving as conversation starters. These symbols sparked meaningful dialogues about their significance and the profound truths they represented. Additionally, participants were equipped to share literature and key rings featuring QR codes leading to valuable resources about Jesus.

"One aspect I found encouraging was the illustration that to achieve having one kilo of apples in a bowl, we need to add one apple at a time," Andrea reflected. "This is a helpful way of thinking about sharing the gospel with Muslims because it often involves just sharing one further piece of truth or question about Islam and letting the person go and ponder on this."

In one encounter, Andrea engaged in conversation with a lady in a park who had recently arrived in the UK and had limited English proficiency. They communicated via Google Translate, and the lady expressed her desire for protection for her children. The team prayed for her and gifted her a keyring with a QR code, leading to a website featuring Christian resources in various languages, including her own. It was a moment of connection, language practice, and shared faith.

Another encounter took place in a Lebanese restaurant, where a conversation unfolded with an Afghan waitress. She shared her aspirations to study in the UK but harboured concerns about the economic challenges. The team was able to offer her a keyring with a QR code, pointing to a website brimming with Christian resources in multiple languages, all while emphasizing the caring and supportive nature of God.

In a world where outreach seeks to bridge divides and share the message of hope, these interactions were a testament to the power of unity, faith, and the simple act of sharing one piece of truth at a time.

We may not be aware of how many neighbours in our community are Muslim, or from other religious backgrounds. How about getting involved in outreaches near you, or as a church, reaching out to them?

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“Be devoted to one another in love. Honour one another above yourselves” - Romans 12:9-21