“Does anyone have a Scripture to share?” Tim Berry asks, as he leads an extended time of worship with sensitivity to the Spirit.


Then a hand goes up. A teen stands up – Bible in hand – and they read the words of truth God has placed on their heart. Then another stands and reads. And another. This goes on. 

The teens have been invited to stay and continue to meet with God in worship. They don’t have to stay, they are free to go and chat or play ping pong, but the majority of the young people at TS are still here, sat on the floor of this warehouse, with the rain hammering on the roof, desiring God and His presence. And He is here by His grace, moving in our midst.

“God is exceeding our expectations… as is His way,” one leader shares the next morning, laughing in joy and astonishment at the way God is moving.

There is an openness and receptivity to God’s love, and when I move around site and ask the young people what they 
love most about TS I get similar answers; “I’m loving drawing closer to God and getting to know others,” Hazel (15, Nepali speaking church, Aldershot) summarises. It’s humbling, and challenging.

As the leaders teach, mentor and disciple these young people, there is also a sense of them leading us, in their raw, honest, genuine hunger for more of God.

“It’s like our souls are taking a breath,” shares Mihail (14, Turkish speaking church, north London). 

“God is working among us, giving dark lives colour. There are no words to describe it. It can only be lived.” His friend Nehir (15) follows on, “Yes, before coming here I felt like there was a force building a wall between me and God. But God has met with me here. I don’t want to go home and lead my regular life anymore.” 

God never fails to encounter and then transform. As He meets with young people at TS, we can also see Him aligning their hearts with His heart for His world.

"God is speaking to us about our role in the body of Christ,” speaker, Megan Foster, says with passion one morning. Our collective and unique missional purpose is woven into all the teaching, and Megan goes on to talk about the Great Commission and our role within it.

I look around at this diverse group of teenagers, so many of them wholeheartedly open to God’s Spirit and ready to take their place in the Great Commission. There is so much hope for the future of missions. 

TeenStreet returns the 3 - 9 August 2024!

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