Fifty years have passed since OM’s ship, Logos, first visited Sri Lanka in 1972, kickstarting a relationship with churches and ministries in the country which have flourished over the decades.

Within the next year, amidst a backdrop of mounting crisis and desperate need, a new, fledgling OM office is being formed to support local Jesus followers to share God’s love.

The history of this beautiful country has been marked by a deluge of tragedies. The devastating tsunami of 2004 and terrorist attacks during Easter in 2019 challenged a country already suffering from decades of civil unrest. When COVID-19 led to numerous lockdowns in 2020-2021, Sri Lanka’s delicate economy was pushed to breaking point.

Today, the livelihoods of people across the island nation have been impacted by economic collapse, with food and fuel becoming unaffordable for many. Deep, prolonged frustration is leading to uprisings and protests.

Here is a nation in great need of God’s presence.

Workers in Sri Lanka are proactively sharing God’s love, partnering with local churches to provide food relief for those who are most vulnerable, whilst building lasting connections.

For many years, Kingdom growth has been slow in this predominantly Buddhist nation. But more recently, local believers have noticed a new openness to talk about Christ.

As the OM team continues to become more established, their vision is to work alongside emerging leaders. By discipling and equipping others to be effective witnesses in their communities or workplaces, the prayer is that many more may hear of, and be transformed by, God’s love.

Join with us in continuing to pray for Sri Lanka.