Moses (Zimbabwe) was living with his cousin in Richards Bay, South Africa, when he heard about Logos Hope's upcoming visit and the opportunity to apply as a port volunteer. These volunteers help the crew by serving in various departments such as accommodation services and catering, bookfair and galley (the ship’s kitchen). At a time in his life when he was losing hope, having given up his job due to challenging circumstances, Moses was very grateful for this opportunity.


Discovering a servant heart

For his first two weeks, he served in the International Café on the Visitor Experience deck. This experience taught him other ways of sharing God's love in his every day work, as he connected with and served the visitors to the ship.

Moses was then placed in the galley, which he found challenging. "Galley is hard work,” he said.

"If you do it to be seen by people, you tire your body out. But as soon as you remember that you're doing it for God, your strength is renewed".

Towards the end of their service with the ship, the volunteers were offered the chance to extend their commitment until April, which meant sailing with the ship to her next two ports. However, what was good news for the other volunteers turned out to be a new trial for Moses. As a non-resident Zimbabwean in South Africa, he did not meet all the requirements to travel with the ship.

"I was losing hope again,” he said. “I was wondering if this opportunity, that was an answer to my prayers, was just going to end like that."

Encouraged by another crewmember from Zimbabwe, Moses considered the option of following the ship by bus. And despite not having the finance to cover the cost of this travel, Moses saw God miraculously provide for his needs, for not only one, but two ports.

Travelling to the port of Gqeberha, South Africa by bus, he was able to volunteer again in the galley for the three weeks of the ship’s stay, before he joined the ship again in the next South African port of East London.


An open door

Seeing how God had been faithful through the ups and downs, and recognising how he'd personally grown since being on board, Moses then considered joining as a long-term crewmember.

"I've grown from being unable to speak in front of a crowd to confidently [speaking] on stages. That's one thing I was so afraid of, but the ship equipped me with this tool to go out there and [do what God would want me to]".

He soon started the crewmember application process, as he began to pray for the funds required to serve on board.

God heard his prayers and provided in unexpected ways, when an individual heard him share his story at an event and decided to partner with him financially for his new commitment as a long-term crewmember.

Moses shared, “God led me to this place for a reason. It's not by coincidence and I'm just expecting to grow more and also to reach as many people as I can; to use my talents and my gifts… to work in [my role on] the ship [and] for the people out [in the cities we visit] or the people that come inside to visit the ship. I want to leave an impact in their lives and share my experience.”


We want to say a big thank you for supporting our staff and crewmembers like Moses, financially. You are playing a key role in the running of the Ship Ministry!