High up in the mountains, a group of seven believers gather to worship, pray and learn from the Bible. This new fellowship is God’s gracious response to one woman’s faithful prayers.

Sabita* first heard the Gospel a year ago when some workers came to her village. As she listened and processed what she heard, she felt drawn to her knees and put her faith in Jesus.

Whilst rejoicing in the peace and liberation of her new-found faith, Sabita was acutely aware of being the first and only Christian in her village. She wanted to meet with other Christians, to worship, learn and grow together.

Every weekend, Sabita walked for six hours to reach the nearest church. What a joy it was for her to meet with other Jesus followers! But Sabita longed for a fellowship to start in her own village.

She began to pray in faith every day.

Later that same year, God answered! Her mother and five other local people from her village put their faith in Jesus. They now meet together in their village for weekly fellowship. 

“I praise God for hearing me,” says Sabita, “Now we can grow together, and support one another to share Jesus with others in our community.”