What we plan and do today is likely to influence people’s lives for years to come.

We are grateful for the wonderful prayer and financial support that is being extended to us in this time of unique opportunity.

OM partners have been actively helping Afghan refugees. Thanks to our generous supporters, people are being helped in many ways, from shelter and food to travel assistance.

One of the refugees, named Azam*, is a local believer. Azam’s wife is not a believer yet, but he has given her freedom to make her own decision. Along with his family, Azam arrived on the border to Pakistan and took shelter in a local mosque. But after a few days he was asked to leave. The reason Azam fled his hometown was because he worked for a Christian and he was fearful. “If the Taliban found out, they would kill me,” he shared.

A team are helping him by providing housing for the next few months. The team also bought necessities for his family such as bedding, crockery, carpets, and provided groceries and cash to handle day-to-day needs.

Marie's* Story

I have lived in Central Asia for many years working for an NGO. Today I am involved in researching and planning how best to respond to the Afghan refugee crisis as they flee to neighbouring countries. We want to be sure that your gifts are invested in the best possible way to help these people.

A leader in the Near East shared recently that people live an average of 17 years in a tent whilst in refugee camps! What we plan and do today is likely to influence people’s lives for years to come.

We are currently involved in research about refugees and internally displaced people’s movement, policies of neighbouring countries, and the regional and international powers influencing local decisions of closing or opening borders.

We are also talking to local partners, Jesus followers, and like-minded community partners, like churches and NGOs. We are asking questions such as ‘what are your strengths? What are you providing in the way of psycho-social support, children’s work, safe spaces, health and sanitation, simple distributions of food and clothing?'

Who in your team has a gift of discernment to know who of the refugees will be ready to receive prayer or has deeper questions? Who is trained or needs training in ethical evangelism or in project management and partnership with players such as the UN or local government? Do you have an accountant who could deal with a big project and the needed accountability?

Slowly a picture of opportunities is forming, and we are starting to gather a view of what assets in people and skills God has provided, what training or additional resources in people or funds are needed.

The refugees will come; when and how many we do not know, but with your partnership, we will be prepared to care for them as and when they arrive.

Please continue to pray for our partners that they will be wise in their interactions. In the coming months, our partners are planning to engage with refugees at different levels. We value your prayers for these encounters.

*names changed

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