Samuel* originally from Europe, has lived in North Africa for 15 years, faithfully sharing the Good News wherever possible. Recently, he got to see the fruit of how God had worked in a young man's life he shared the Gospel with seven years ago. This is his story. 

When the doorbell rang at my house, I quickly ran to check who it was. As I opened the door I was greeted by a young man in his late twenties. He greeted me enthusiastically and asked how I was doing. While talking to him I was trying to figure out how I knew him. 

"I am Mohammed*," he said, "but my friends call me Mado.* Do you remember me?" He was smiling as he asked and reminded me that seven years ago, I met him in a mobile shop as I was trying to fix a broken phone. 

Later that day we had gone for a cup of coffee, and he shared with me that he had no place to stay as he was kicked out of his house. "You gave me a room to stay in for a couple of days before I was able to solve problems with the family," Mado reminded me. "During those days you also shared the Good News with me, and we prayed together." Now I remembered him. "Ahh, it's you!" I said, smiling. 

Mado grew up as a Muslim, but I had a sense that something was different now. He was radiating with light. 

"Want to go out for coffee?" Mado asked. "I would like to share my testimony with you." Maybe he saw my confusion because he went on to explain: "I am your brother now. I've become a Christian." When I heard that, I didn't hesitate a second. "Give me a minute to get ready and I will be out in no time."

I quickly grabbed my shoes and walked with him to the nearest coffee shop. As we sat down for coffee, Mado could not wait to tell me his story.

"I had a vision with Jesus. He appeared in my room and filled it with a powerful light and incredible divine power. Jesus said: 'I am Yeshua, who shed my blood for you.'"

"I didn't understand what He meant so I searched the internet to find an explanation of His words. I could not understand what I was reading. It didn't make sense to me. The next day, Yeshua came to visit me again. This time He was reading from the Bible in a language I could not understand."

"I kept searching every church in the neighbourhood to hear that language. Then I found a Korean church that the Lord led me to. When the pastor was reading the Bible, I realised that was the language I had heard in my vision. While the pastor kept reading, he missed one word from the test, and I stood up and corrected him. Everyone was amazed how I noticed that."

"Then, I told them my story, and the Holy Spirit convinced me I needed to accept Jesus. I understood there why He died for me; to give me eternal life by just believing in Him and what He had done on the cross. Later that year, I got baptised too."

"For the last two years, I have been serving the Lord as a Sunday school teacher and kept on studying the Word of God." He smiled. "I thought you would be happy to hear what God has done in my life."

He was right. He then paused and looked at me, finishing off his story. "I wanted to thank you for showing me the love of Jesus in a practical way when I really needed help in my life, brother."

I was amazed by what God had done in his life. When we said goodbye that day, we decided to meet soon again for fellowship and prayer.

*Name changed

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