"The bottom line in mission work is people work… loving them, serving them and helping them become strong disciples of Jesus."
George Verwer

As was his way, George Verwer put it so well; discipleship is central in God’s mission to His world. George was compelled by Jesus’ words in the Great Commission, “Go and make disciples of all nations…” Matthew 28:19. The mandate to make disciples drives OM ministries around the world today, including TeenStreet UK (TS), which launched last summer.

A youth worker's perspective

Madalin, a volunteer youth worker from north London, shares how the TS movement is enabling the youth he serves to become strong disciples of Jesus.

“We are so encouraged,” shares Madalin. “We are seeing our young people chose a more righteous way, a way where they pursue love, both towards God and other people.” Madalin wasn’t sure what to expect when he agreed to accompany a group of teenagers to a week-long TS event last summer; he had no idea it would be such a turning point.

“We saw more fruit in one week than in the whole of the six months leading up to the camp,” he enthuses, amazed that the teenagers’ fledgling faith and lukewarm responses to the gospel have been replaced by genuine hunger.

TS is all about discipling young people to be disciple-makers, inspiring them to have a heart to share God’s love with people who don’t know Him. Studying the Bible together in small groups, where young people can question, grapple and grow in a safe environment, is an essential part of the daily rhythm during a TS event.

“The morning small group sessions were straight to the heart; noncompromising and honest,” Madalin shares. “The Bible can be challenging and complicated, but the youth appreciated us being real and we saw the truth of the gospel transforming their lives. Our youth are now reading their Bibles of their own accord – actually wanting to go deeper into the Scriptures and getting excited
when they discover things.”

Madalin acknowledges that serving for a week at TS is tiring, but he describes himself as feeling
“refreshed”. “TeenStreet is a youth camp, but God worked in my heart as well,” he explains. “I had the space I needed to come alive again and be reminded what it’s like to be a child before God.”

“We all need a model for the Kingdom of Heaven – a community, a culture to be a part of. TeenStreet has created that for us all.”

Your practical service, prayers and financial gifts through our Christmas and Easter appeals are seeing the emergence of a new generation of disciple-makers - thank you! To fi nd out more about TS and how you can be involved follow the link below. 

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