Rob, 28, from the UK, never planned to spend five years in Central Asia. When he decided to study Russian at university he had straightforward but personal motivations.

“Russian sounded exciting, interesting and useful for a career in business or translation,” he reflects. “But I see now that it was God’s sovereignty that I chose it.”

Rob grew up going to church but at university he came to truly understand the Gospel and decided to follow Jesus, entrusting his whole life to God’s Kingdom purposes. A short-term outreach to Central Asia followed, where he enjoyed sharing God’s love so much that he began to consider serving God overseas long-term. But only for the distant future, he reasoned—once he had matured in his faith and completed Bible school.

God, as usual, had other plans. Back in the UK, Rob heard about an opportunity with OM to teach English for a year at a language centre in another Central Asian country, and he felt pulled towards this new path.

Trusting God’s leading, Rob found himself in a country were Russian was the second language. He was able to translate for and speak with people in his new community, even while learning their local languages. This led to opportunities to encourage believers and share God’s love with those who didn’t know Him.

“I thought mission work was only for ‘the spiritual elite’,” Rob recalls. “But through seeing different people with different skills serving with OM, I realised that anyone can be involved. There is a role for everyone.”

"Those years in Central Asia helped Rob discover his next ministry. “It excites me that God can use me and that I have skills to offer,” he explains. “My time with OM helped me realise that.

“I’d love to spend my life doing this. There’s nothing more important for Christians to do than to spend their lives using the gifts and skills God has given them for the sake of the Gospel.”

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