Was 2020 the year to delay a vision, or press on? Hear from Debbie and Peter Turtle (Northern Ireland) as to why they’ve decided to pursue moving to a least reached country through such a time as this.

Debbie's Testimony 

I feel that God has been asking me to do something with my whole life; that everything I do should be encompassed with whatever God would ask of me.

Peter and I met later in life. Both of us had painful pasts; it took a lot for God to get our attention and bring us on to His path. But now He has our attention. Our focus is on Him. We have a common goal to make His love known, and we don’t want to squander the years we have left.

After much reading, praying, asking “what is it you want us to do, Lord?”, things started happening. Peter went on a vision trip to Moldova in 2019 – testing the waters – and I could see how naturally he fitted in. From there it has just fast tracked. Sometimes I do have to pause and say, “hang on a wee minute, how come a matter of months ago we didn’t even think that this would be happening. Moving country. Quitting our jobs. It’s all been fast!”

But the important thing to say is that things are just naturally unfolding. The timing feels mad – being in a pandemic and all! – but in reality, we feel we’ve neither delayed, neither pushed on. We’ve realised that this situation is nothing to God. He can make a way.

We’re not pushing our own agenda, but waiting to see where God will lead and then walking through doors when they open.

Peter's testimony 

One morning I had this feeling come over me, “who do you think you are? Why are you doing this?” In that moment I felt disqualified.

I watched some videos of ministry in Moldova, where we were sure God was calling us to, and I was reminded to take my eyes off myself. It’s about these people. Sharing God with these people. I realised in that moment that the enemy doesn’t want any of this to happen. He will take little things, so we don’t notice, and cause them to make us doubt God’s calling on our lives.

We’ve learnt to prepare for the doubts and worries – they will come, especially in these COVID-days when anxiety can be high. But instead, we keep our focus on the Great Commission; whether it’s Moldova, or next door, it’s for all of us. Someone will go to the person on their street, someone will go across the world. It’s just about obedience. Obedience to God and allowing Him to take the lead.

So when I think about the question, “why me?”, my answer is “why not me?!” He’s called each one of us.

Our willing obedience has spoken volumes to people – friends, family, colleagues – more than anything else we’ve ever said or done in our lives. It speaks volumes to people that we’re stepping out for God in such a time as this.

Peter, Debbie and their two girls will leave for Moldova as soon as their visas are approved. Pray for them and consider, could God be asking you to take His love to the least reached for such a time as this? Find out how you can reach out to the least reached, locally and boyond our own shores. 

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