During the Easter week, a group of children and youth from a Turkish-speaking church based in London took to the streets to live out the love of Christ. 

The children boldly told passers by of God's love for them, and handed out literature to those who were interested. The youth shared their testimonies, recounted stories from the Bible and offered to pray for people. 


On this outreach, 12 people accepted Christ and many more were prayed for. The children, youth and wider congregation of the church met people from a wide range of faith backgrounds, showing love to everyone they encountered. 

The church - Londra Yeni Yaşam Kilisesi - is led by Deniz, and OM worker based in London. During the pandemic, Deniz's church saw rapid growth as online services increased the reach of the Gospel in Turkish communities. 

You can read more about these new opportunities and the growing hunger for God's word among Turks in the UK in the story below. 

New opportunities to reach Turks in the UK