"I was first invited in 1962 to preach at a key conference. We came with almost no money and had to battle in prayer for funds. But God provided for us daily including huge financial gifts and vehicles for sending people out." - George Verwer, founder of OM. 

For 60 years, OM has been ministering in the UK. Over the years, tens of thousands of people have been inspired and equipped to engage in mission work around the world. And today, by the grace of God, OM has over 275 missionaries from the UK living out His love in over 45 countries and onboard Logos Hope

"Everywhere I go, almost every church I speak in, I meet people who either have served with OM, or have known somebody who has served with OM. This legacy of British Christians being mobilised and inspired by OM to engage in mission work is one of the most exciting things as we look back over the last 60 years," Matthew Skirton, UK CEO, shares. 

Matthew continues: "However, we are seeing a decline in the number of people joining us in short and long-term mission opportunities today. Despite this, we remain encouraged."

"God is at work, and we count it a privilege that in some small way He is continuing to use OM in the UK to fulfil His purposes. Our vision and prayer is that we as OM would continue to help mobilise churches in local as well as global mission efforts. We pray that the Lord would continue to wake us up, shake us from any lethargy and that we all who serve with OM would personally be living missional lifestyles, sacrificially living so that those who are yet to hear and experience the love of God would have that opportunity to do so."

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