Note. You should only create your page once you have received confirmation that you have been accepted for TeenSTreet 2020.

Please look at the guidelines below before you begin to create your page as you need to think about what you want to have on your page. 

  1. Choose a short, simple and unique title for your page. It should identify you and what you are fundraising for TS-RAG 2020. E.g. "John Baker's TeenStreet 2020 RAG Race" 
  2. Choose a URL (weblink) for your page, e.g. be ""
  3. You will need to write a summary sentence and also a brief statement about you and why you are fundraising with TS RAG 2020
  4. Please enter your Fundraising Target for TS-RAG. g.  £50, £100, £200 etc.
  5.  You can also upload a photo of yourself if you want to but it needs to be around 200 X 200 pixels

Once you have thought about your title, URL link, what you are going to say and have a picture you want to use you are ready! Just click on the button below, scroll down and complete the form.

Create Your TS RAG Fundraising Page

Once you have created your page it will come back for checking and approval. If anything needs to be changed we will let you know.

If you have any questions or problems please come back our Fundraising Manager, Andrew Sinclair you can reach him on 

Email Andrew or call Andrew on 01691 887821

You can already be thinking of who you will share you page with. Once your page is live you can share the URL/Web link by email or on social media. 

Any money raised beyond the total needed for these projects will be used to fund similar projects in Europe. Thank you for getting behind this project – it really is bringing Hope to Refugees!