Farhan* is an ordinary Jesus follower, compelled to share the love he has found in Christ with the Muslim communities he works amongst in Bangladesh.

"Many people here are day labourers, poor people, and their work has suffered because of the pandemic, and the extreme flooding last year,” Farhan shares.  

The OM team knew they needed to respond to the needs around them and began distributing food packages, all the while sharing about the love of God with their Muslim neighbours. 

During one package distribution Farhan met Muhammad.

“Why are you helping me?” Muhammad questioned. “No one is helping us when we have no food at home. So why are you?”

Farhan shared about Jesus and invited Muhammad to join a Bible fellowship group at his home. Muhammad began attending regularly. Now, he has decided to follow Jesus. 

“This is the beautiful story we have,” Farhan shared. “People need food, but they also need hope.” 

Partner with OM and enable people like Farhan to share Christ’s love in places where He is not known.  

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