If you are looking for a list of current OM Appeals that would be perfect for fundraisers, you can find it below.

Current OM Appeals

There are also a number of existing fundraising events and activities that you would be welcome to join, such as the 4997 Himalayan Trek in Nepal. In October 2018, Luke Paton went ton the trek to learn about the country and also raise funds for AIDSLink Nepal

"When we reached the summit of Tsergo Ri, the 5000m peak, the feeling was amazing, especially knowing that I could go home and tell people we had succeeded!"

If you would like to find about taking part in the 2019 Himalayan Trek please use the link below

Fundraise with the 2019 Himalayan 4997 Trek 

If you have any questions about creating a fundraising page for an event or joining the 2019 Himalayan 4997 Trek for OM Please contact UK's Fundraising manager, Andrew Sinclair on 01691 887821,

or send a message here