Here are some simple ways you can help your church family navigate giving to the Christmas Appeal. There are a number of different ways to give, and depending on your church, one option may work better than others.

We’ve also included ways to easily inspire and inform your congregation about the impact their gift could have. 

Direct your congregants to give individually

Perhaps one of the simplest ways to give to the Christmas Appeal would be to direct your church family to give individually through the OM website.

Following the link below will take your congregants to the Christmas Appeal area of the website, from which they can find out more about the appeal, as well as donate.

The Christmas Appeal

Gather donations as a church and then give in bulk

Another option is to gather any offerings directed towards the Christmas Appeal and then transfer them in bulk to OM.

This may involve a conversation with your treasurer about transferring funds via a BACS payment. If they would like to get in touch with us for our bank details, they can do so via [email protected]

Set up a fundraiser

If you’d like to give online, but also be able to see how much your church specifically has raised, setting up a fundraising page on the OM website could be a good option. This can be a good way to build your community together.

You could set up a fundraising page as a church or even as an individual. This way, you can encourage friends and family to give to your personal or church fundraising effort towards the Christmas Appeal.

To set up your fundraising page, follow the link below and fill out the short form, then we’ll let you know once your page is up and running!

Create Your Fundraising Page

Resources to inspire and inform

However you decide to give, we’ve included some resources to help inform and inspire your congregants about the impact their Christmas gift could have.

Feel free to use this pdf or graphic in your internal communications, whether that’s in weekly emails, WhatsApp groups, on your church Facebook page or on your website. Whatever works best for you.