First and foremost, I am a pastor, working with OM in Mozambique to help churches mobilise more Jesus followers to share God’s love with people who have never heard the gospel. I am also a farmer, growing cassava, maize and ground nuts to help support my family and the work I do for God’s Kingdom.

In February 2023, just before we were about to harvest, Cyclone Freddy swept across Mozambique, causing widespread devastation. We lost three of our farms, and our house was badly damaged.

In great need, we wondered how we would continue to support ourselves and how I would be able to persevere in my ministry to local churches. We turned to God in prayer. He answered us through a generous food package, made possible through money given to the Mercy Appeal by believing brothers and sisters in the UK. After I presented the gift to my family, my wife told me that we had only enough food for one more meal.

We praise God for His timely provision, which has helped us weather the most challenging of seasons and begin to find our feet again and prepare for future ministry.